HOLY UNFILLED PRESCRIPTIONS BATMAN!!! So many cupcakes. Join me and my cupcake obsession.


My cupcake brings all the boys to the yard #cupcake #green #dinosaurs #blue #turquoise

But I’ll be keeping it up so people can still reblog pictures.  I really love the look of it so I won’t delete it.  Maybe someone can help me run it again if they’re interested in order to keep it going, or I’ll return to make posts once in a while.  If you’re interested, message me!  In the meantime I’ll still be running cascading-stars and pizzaphilia if you care to catch me on those…  Thanks for all your support lovelies!


Bug Eyed Monster Cupcakes Recipe

This is what I do when I don’t go to school #cupcakes #noschool #tv #imfamousnigga #youbetterwerk #hahah

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